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Safety Groups first came to the State Insurance Fund because of high industry loss rates, the need for extra attention, and the fact that many employers had difficulty in getting coverage.  This caused many industries and associations to band together into Safety Groups. NYSIF, a pioneer in Worker’s Compensation Insurance, has been a leader in Safety Group coverage.                  

Safety Groups enable businesses in a similar industry to reduce the expense of providing safety engineering, claims, and underwriting services.  The key to Group success is the effort by both the Group Manager, and the Members of the Group, to reduce accidents and keep losses to a minimum.

1.What is a Safety Group?

A safety group is the pooling of premium from policies in the same field.  Once all expenses are paid the amount left over that would normally be used as profit for a private carrier is paid to its members in the form of a dividend.

2.What is the main benefit of a Safety Group?

On average a client will have a “shock loss” every 7 years.  With a standalone program the cost of that loss will reflect a substantial increase in premium.  A safety groups dividend is paid to its members for every day they participate in the group regardless of losses.  Those “shock loss” years are mitigated by a group’s annual dividend.

3.Why is it advantageous to have a group manager handle my claims other than a carrier?

Group managers can attract more clients to a safety group when dividends are high.  Keeping claims at the lowest possible cost help to achieve that goal.  Private carriers do not have such a motive to lower the cost of claims.  In many cases private carriers will charge higher fees due to the increase in premium.

4.How do I know if I should challenge my employee rating?

Our experts at ASM have years of experience dealing with the rating board and can explain the advantages and disadvantages of challenging class codes.  Challenging a class code at the wrong time may have the result of adding a higher code to your policy.

5.Do safety groups charge me more if my claims are high?

The Safety group is a guaranteed program.  That means the cost of claims in a given policy period will not affect your premium. You pay a premium and we pay a dividend.  The safety group can never charge more than the original premium. *(Assuming a final payroll audit has been completed).

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