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We are experts in lowering your cost of workers' comp

Associated Safetygroup Management is a service organization specializing in Workers’ Compensation in New York.  We are authorized Safety Group Managers with the NYSIF.

Students are enjoying the sunny day.
School Safety Group - Higher Education

This Safety Group is restricted to Institutions of Higher Learning Technical Schools, Music Schools, Religious Schools, Yeshiva's, Law Schools, etc.

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Closeup on mineral water green bottles in raw and lines
Plastics Safety Group - Plastic Manufacturing

This Safety Group is restricted to companies involved in the manufacture of plastics including molded and fabricated products including assembly and finishing.

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An old fashioned high school building with a clock tower.  It's Upper Canada College, an "elite" private school in Toronto.
School Safety Group - ​Private Schools

this Safety Group is restricted to Private Education Institutions including Art Schools, Religious Schools, Yeshivas', Dance Schools, Synagogues, Churches, etc,

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18 Years of Excellence in the Workers' Comp Industry

Our staff is made up of experts who apply years of experience in various fields, such as Claims, Underwriting, Policy Management and Safety.

Some advantages for members of State Insurance Fund Safety Groups are:

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